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About The Keefer Bros.


Where the road stops for everyone else is where the Keefer Brothers start. Collectively, Chris and Casey boast decades of experience living life to the fullest. They are on a constant quest to find life’s next great adventure – and they make it their mission to inspire as many souls as they possibly can in the process. Over the past 15 years they have become two of the most trusted minds and respected names in the outdoor industry.

Casey Keefer

Let’s see…He’s unbridled, unbound, and he really likes to color outside the lines. Keefs approaches life with his signature style of big ideas, captivating stories, practical takehomes, and keen humor. His creative works have been watched by millions around the world and have won numerous awards.

He’s a pioneer of craft storytelling among the wildest places left on earth and he’s built some of the most recognizable brands in the hunting industry.

He’s spent time amongst the Macuxi, chased John Swift’s treasure, searched for evidence of Aztecs in America and combed Alaskan glaciers looking for lost governement officials – and that was all in a few months time.

As a designer at heart, he’s hellbent on forging the right strategy – for life, for the hunt, the float, the adventure, the brand or the boardroom.


Mtn Air.








More Golf.


Chris Keefer

Hard charging. That’s the best way to describe this guy. Chris has been testing his skill sets and challenging his mind in the wildest places on earth since he was a kid. Never one to back down from a challenge, he’s constantly on the lookout for the next big adventure – and it better get the adrenaline pumping a little faster than the last one. He’s hosted hundreds of award winning TV episodes across various networks – and millions worldwide have watched him take on mother nature head first. 

As a Founder, Chris has brought numerous companies to life, and as CEO of BeAlive, Inc. he continues to push the envelope everyday. 

As a storyteller,  his behind the scenes knowledge of what it takes to capture the rawness of life in the wild is second-to-none. 

On camera his presence is felt no matter the adventure –  he’s criss-crossed the US tracking down Confederate gold, repelled mountainsides in the darkest depths of the Ecuadorian jungle and uncovered prohibition era bootlegging operations run by the mob…all in a days work.

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